Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet Yasamin (Yaz) Our Event Manager

Below is Yasamin's Introduction of herself to our current members.
Please include any questions you might have for her in the comments.

About Yaz

The position of event manager necessarily serves two primary purposes: the planning of events and their subsequent operation. In the first stage, I plan on combining my extensive familiarity with open-mic and set-schedule events to formulate a template for successful events for this organization. Not only have I seen the behind-the-scenes of a plethora of readings, but I have come to understand what it takes to carry out one of them efficaciously. Inside of school I have been required to read, but as it is my passion, I have acquainted myself with more authors than there are fish in the sea. Using these backgrounds and interactive seminar formats, I plan on supplying those with knowledge that I may lack a venue at which to impart that information. My presence will not overshadow those being featured, but will still command the respect and exhibit the wherewithal necessary to carry out such an event without any hiccups.

Goals for the Organization

The first and foremost goal must be the sharing of art in the form of poetry and prose within the local community. There is no “too many” when talking about how many people are reading or writing these days. As I see it, “too few” would be an accurate answer as of today. Across all barriers (age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.), there are poets (and writers of all stripes) awaiting an awakening, shadowed only by a lack of exposure.

Secondarily, I would like to see this organization’s sponsorship of non-fundraising events on a progressively more frequent basis. With the right planning, a non-fundraising event can be carried out at no expense, and considering the subject matter, the chances are that our resources are either currently possessed or readily accessible for dissemination. Therefore, the only limitation should be time available, and luckily for us, there should always be time in the day for poetry.

Other goals include, but are not limited to, the improvement of the poetry scene in Sacramento, the improvement of the personal writings of those with an interest in bettering themselves, as well as the offering of a safe haven for the emotional, intellectual, and in some cases spiritual, growth of Sac-Towners. Not to mention, the growth of this organization into a name worth remembering.


Steven Sylva-aRT said...

Welcome aboard you too! (In addition to Jazmine; see comment on Jazmine intro blog entry). : )

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