Friday, December 3, 2010

Fundraising Manager -- Jazamin Wasi

Below is the Introductory Statement of our new Fund Raising Manager. Feel free to use the comment section to ask her questions about herself, her goals, and fund raisers she is currently researching for our organization.

I’m Jazmine Wasi and I am assuming the position of Fundraising Manager. I spent 3 years working as the Activity Director for the Black Student Union at Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove, CA. My duties as Activity Director consisted of organizing fundraisers, community service events, scheduling club meetings, (basically any event that the club was to be involved in).

I gave weekly updates to participants in the club and rounded up volunteers to assist me in all new events I planned. I’m very organized, resourceful, and driven. Overused statement warning: I may not always know the answers to every question but

I pride myself on always being able to find answers. I usually accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Even if I don’t meet my goals at first, I eventually will, because I don’t give up easily. I generally get along with just about everybody. This makes it easier for me to effectively communicate with the necessary organizations and people in order to successfully plan fundraisers. My people skills will help me present a positive image for SWS when speaking on behalf of SWS to other organizations when arranging fundraising efforts.

With my position as fundraising manager I would like to fundraise enough money to accomplish the following things:

--find a permanent space for SWS to work out of
--spread the word about SWS
--help to accomplish the specific goals of SWS for SWS.

I would also like to help myself with this job as well. I hope to gain experience and help myself develop new strategies for planning successful fundraisers and events. I hope to advance my skills in event planning and find out where I would like to take my skills in the future. I’m still trying to find out exactly where I’m headed in life and what career I’m interested in.

I hope that the experience I get working with SWS will help me get a clearer view of what I really want. I would like to improve my position by eventually expanding my responsibilities and doing everything that is expected of me and more. I hope that everyone in SWS will be satisfied with my work, ideas, hard work and driven attitude. I look forward to getting to know everyone involved with SWS, and hopefully will be able to work alongside you in future fundraising event.


Steven Sylva-aRT said...

It's great to have a person who can specialize in this for us, since we have had our hands loaded. Welcome aboard!

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