Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Media Marketing & the Writer

I returned to blogfests this week. Oh, so much fun! I write a passage on Writing Worlds, then go and read other entries, comment, and so forth. The comment-love is easy to come by for blogfests, and they seriously boost traffic to your blog.

But that isn't the best part. Reading awesome entries from the other participants and finding other authors in your genre certainly feels good. Then there's the critiques. Sometimes I get really good responses, and many times I find a lot of support. It's really easy for me to see everything wrong in my writing, and very hard to be happy with it, so positive feedback is just as essential as a thorough critique. It might be my personality, I'm more ready to believe negative evaluations to be reality than compliments :P

Then I find authors/writers who invite you to friend them on Facebook and follow on Twitter. The more we connect and the tighter the community, the easier it becomes to channel audience through the network. Also, the easier it will make eventual publication when that day comes.

I found an application on Facebook that networks blogs. This is really useful! I connected the SWS blog to one of our pages and can follow other networked blogs. if this makes it easier for our members to find writing blogs/links I will be ecstatic. It is within the SWS mission to "educate" writers about writing...and unfortunately the trend we're going, that includes the "business of writing." At least, for me, it's fun. Hopefully it helps streamline others' research.

Also, it is instant advertising for SWS. It's just up to us to make the group look professional, well-organized, and interesting.

With our website, compilation blog, member blogs, and project site, we have the beginning of a writers' network. If we can feed these pages through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and our members can engage in discussions on Facebook, we can easily boost SWS rankings in the web at large! So be friendly, leave comments on this blog, on our Facebook pages, and on our members' Blogs! Everyone who links back to this page between now and October 8th will be mentioned at our Release Event! :D

So go ahead--Where would you like to see SWS? On the net? In the Real World? Let us know.


Steven Sylva-aRT said...

Oh, I'd like to see SWS in cyberspace (including the net) and actual space (and perhaps even in outer space someday! LOL). I think we can do well if we can get the best of both worlds (and perhaps many more, wouldn't you say?).

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