Sunday, August 15, 2010

Broken Hearts

Today, for the millionth time, I made the mistake of going back and reading parts of my first novel again.  Seriously, this will be the love affair that haunts me for life.

And good God I am so pretentious sometimes it's worrisome.



drea moore said...

Why is it a mistake?

Sylvanopolis Writers' Society said...

I get pulled into it and forget that it's only this way because I've rewritten it over and over again. So then I get frustrated with my new story and stonewall. First drafts drive me crazy. :D

drea moore said...

"This way" = good or bad? far are you in the 1st draft?

Sylvanopolis Writers' Society said...

"This way" being (reasonably) good. And I'm about 75 pages into the new thing. For me, that's not too bad of progress in a year's time, considering that I go long stretches without working on it. I'm just at a standstill right now. :(

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