Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Game Plan

So it looms!  The release of Leafkin 2!

We made $300 of our $1600 goal last we are off to an awesome start.   That means 1300 left!

We are separating into committees so that no one is over-committed.

Fund Raising/Event planning:  Arrange fund raisers and plan Leafkin event.

Projects: Arranges for the publication of the anthology (editing, formatting, choosing a publication method) and fleshes out Dynesia

PR/Sales: Promotes Fund Raisers, SWS, Leafkin, the release party, and sells tickets and promotional items (and Leafkin).

In order for all these groups to work together, communication is essential.  So choose the member best able to keep others in touch!  Let's work as team so we can all see our names in print.   This event made us all feel successful last year, and we can do it again.  Better.   But this time, we will need our groups to work closely. Is there any area which your unique abilities will be most suited?  Let us know!  The more people on each team, the less work for the individual...we just need to share responsibilities.  

Goals for PR/Sales:
Achieve more visibility for SWS FB page.
Achieve more visibility for SWS Blog.
Compose Press Releases for Print and Internet Media 
Construct Fliers for event.
Promote Fundraisers, Leafkin and Event

Goals For Fundraisers:
Come up with the funds (1300 or 350 a month) by Sept.

Goal: maintain $500 in account at all times (this guarantees we incur no charges with the bank)
Goal for Room: $1000
Goal for Leafkin printing: $300 to $600

Melissa will post Projects goals this weekend!  Stay tuned :D


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