Thursday, April 22, 2010


Two weeks ago I woke up and realized it was April.  I mean, I really realized it was April. I've been lost in a mire of job applications while La Nina's indecisive weather patterns have messed with my head (I don't like going out in the rain, and I feel super positive when I'm active...which generally requires sunny weather.   This Winter/Summer/Winter/Summer every other week is just bad for me).  The Girl is bad for me, apparently.

That said, it's April.   The countdown until Leafkin's deadline is on.    I'm trying to organize my time so that I can maximize everything I have to do before stories arrive.  Then I get to read and edit, do some event planning, and then work on website, facebook--even this blog could use a bit of tweaking.   I'm sensing that if last year, when we released our first volume, is anything to go by--this is bound to be the busiest part of my year.
 But, it's something to get my butt out of bed for.  Something to land me in front of the computer screen, where I can and will write.

But it won't pay the bills.  Still working on that one, before the sand in the glass is gone.   


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