Friday, April 1, 2011

Readings, Art and Wine

Come and visit our 2nd Saturday event, starting April 9th. Find us on Facebook, if you haven't already :) The details are there...

This series is the "SWS Art Bazaar"

What's our goal?

SWS will establish our self in the community this year! With readings, classes and a Wordpress publication, the organization will become more visible than ever. We will have info on what we are planning available at the Art Bazaar, but more besides.

Want to participate?

Check out our official website! We are looking for:

Groups that need new members.

Artists who want to connect with writers.

Writers looking for classes that would augment academic instruction.

What areas are we working to develop classes in/for?

SWS will be organizing classes in the following tracks:

Working as a Writer (self-publishing, publishing, business of writing)

Technology for the Writer (Programs, computer info, internet research, blogging/social media, etc)

Craft of Fiction: Exploring the craft of various genres and forms of writing.

Thematic Discussion: A SWS instructor leads a discussion related to a particular topic relevant to writing.


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