Friday, October 29, 2010

Novel: Outline Up

I'm big on character and plot. But in the last 2 years, my brain has kinda rewired itself. I've developed a more intense need for organization...

I think it's my life, really...

So I signed up for Nanowrimo. 50k words used to be fairly easy, when my life had a few less details in it :P Now, it's time to re-approach my projects.

World Building: 1st I am writing out the background of the world

This is how does the magic(s) work? Who IS magical? What is the history and how does that affect your character and world set up?

Character Building: 2nd I'm writing up the Character background for my main characters + villain--

Karryna, Dayton, Lara and Bea.

2a: Setting up the minor characters:

--I don't need to know their whole back history, but I do need to know their motivations and how that affects their interactions with my main characters:

Toni, Sera, Bea's goons, the Masons, Madre & Tia & Pappa, Ishtar ...

Outlining: 3rd, it all comes together with an outline.

Event by event, I mapped out the plot, include notes of character behaviors that will guide plot, etc.

And on Monday...I will start writing! :D


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