Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Writing Life

How does one become a full time writer? What is required?

The biggest and hardest thing is time management. For me, that's meant kicking myself in the rear and getting myself out of the house. My house is inducing laziness, making me feel like a bum. I need to be out and about in order to accomplish things. You know, like actually writing.

Because that's the next thing you have to do, is write.

But, as I'm learning, it isn't about writing "anything," as much as it's about writing "everything."
Only, the "everything" has to be specific: nonfiction and fiction--stuff I have the interest in researching and writing. If I want to be a full-time writer, I have to do both.

I have to set up a platform of things I am intending to focus on, and when I publish articles these become part of this process. So every step of the way has to be well-thought, thoroughly planned. Research has to be conducted for every step.

As such, I can't expect to support myself on this immediately. I'm expecting getting the first few articles published to be the largest hurdle. But once that is done, the goal will be 4-8 a month in journals/magazines that pay well. Some pay as much as a $1 a word. One a week at that rate--assuming pay on publication--can certainly present a decent income.

A mixture of articles and short stories can provide a large enough wage to support oneself, but the writer must be prolific. The queries have to be making the rounds continually. This is what it means to be a full time writer, and it wasn't what I originally pictured. Though this organized and intense level of writing appeals to my grown-up self, I am now fully aware of the effort it will take.

I have to like writing "everything" as much as I like writing my fiction. Determination, research, and a lot of elbow grease will have to see me through.



Sylvanopolis Writers' Society said...

That's exactly why I have to leave the house to at least start my writing for the day. My favourite places to to write out are cafes and fast food joints.

(Check your email for a great link to a Website to write articles for and get paid some fairly good money for it!)


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