Tuesday, January 5, 2010


First, I would like to apologize for my recent neglect of this blog. Shortly before Christmas my family was informed that my father had died. Things were, understandably, strange for awhile. That being said, I shall try not to be too maudlin. However, this does bring me to my point.

That old adage 'Write what you know' has, I think, at one point or another been the bane of every fantasy writer's existence. But, of course, there is truth in it. We all draw on our lives, consciously or unconsciously, in our writing. To be honest, sometimes I do it quite blatantly. So, does an experienced life lead to better writing?

Will having seen the splotch of blood on the bed sheets where my father lay decaying enrich my writing? (sorry, a bit of maudlin indulgence there) Good writing is good writing and just because someone has had a terribly interesting life that doesn't mean they're going to be able to turn around and channel it creatively. That much is obvious. But when you are already a writer, does the richness of your experiences enhance the richness of your writing? As writers should we be seeking to see and feel and be in as many ways as possible?

Though it sounds exciting, I don't think I could live that way. I think the balance is in not seeking experiences for their own sake but meeting your life as it comes and embracing it. Exploring it, grasping it, and using it.

And now I find I must apologize again. This post has been a bit rambling and short. I am still a bit off kilter.

Until next week



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